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Scrap Metal Recycling Site Kent

A fully licensed, family run and established business committed to recycling metals with over 100 years of transparent and trustworthy trade industry expertise.

Scrap Metal Recycling Yard Sittingbourne

Scrap Metal Recycling Site

Annually purchasing, processing & exporting thousands of tonnes of non-ferrous and ferrous metals with our fully permitted, environmental and calibrated weighing facilities from our two scrap metal recycling sites at Sittingbourne, Kent and Belverde, London.


Over the last year we dealt with...
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+1 Million
Tonnes of different copper grades
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+1 Million
Tonnes on all cable grades
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Tonnes of electric motors exported

Our Services

APM Metal are buyers and sellers of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals. As well as buying from members of the public we are also able to provide the following services;

Roll on roll off (RO RO) & skip collection

Roll on off bin services for businesses looking to scrap large quantities.

skip of metal

Whether you’re looking for ongoing skip services or clearing metal from your site.

scrap metal skip

We provide different size bins and stillages to companies that produce metal as part of their waste stream. We also offer bespoke bins made to fit on the end of a process therefore keeping the factory workshop clean.

copper battery collection

If you’re a plumber, electrician or you own a garage find out how our weigh and pay collection service can benefit you with gate prices at your doorstep.

ferrous metal collection

We purchase all grades of iron and steel at competitive market rates delivered to site or as a collection service.


Paying highly competitive rates we purchase all grades of non-ferrous metals from copper through to aluminium.


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